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By Tony Hillerman

The auto fireplace did not kill Navajo Tribal Policeman Delbert Nez—a bullet did. And the previous guy in ownership of the homicide weapon is a whiskey-soaked shaman named Ashie Pinto. Officer Jim Chee is devastated through the slaying of his buddy Del, and confounded through the top suspect's refusal to utter a unmarried observe of confession or denial. Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn believes there's even more to this outrage than what seems at the floor, as he and Jim Chee got down to get to the bottom of a fancy weave of greed and demise that includes a ancient locate and a misplaced fortune. however the hungry and legendary trickster Coyote is ready, as continually, within the shadows so as to add an odd and lethal new twist.

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File://G:\NEW DOWNLOADS\Tony Hillerman - 22 novels\Hillerman, Tony- [Leaph... 2010/10/17 Tony Hillerman - [Leaphorn & Chee 10] - Coyote Waits Page 35 of 138 "Mary doesn't know," Bourebonette said. "Somebody came and got him. " McGinnis chuckled. "I know who then. " Leaphorn said. He tried to make it sound casual, resisted the impulse to lean forward. He remembered how McGinnis loved to drag things out and the more you wanted it, the longer he made you wait. "If it was somebody he was working for, that is," McGinnis said.

You described it as a white Jeepster, said who owned it. I'd think just simple curiosity…" She let it trail off. "They had their man, and their evidence," Chee said. " Janet thought about that. "Justice," she said. Chee let it pass. Justice, he thought, wasn't a concept that fit very well in this affair. Besides, the sun was just dipping behind the Chuskas now. On the vast, rolling prairie that led away from the highway toward the black shape of Ship Rock every clump of sagebrush, every juniper, every snakeweed, every hummock of bunch grass cast its long blue shadow—an infinity of lines of darkness undulating across the glowing landscape.

The FBI seemed to have decided its case was made and hadn't looked for one. And strange vehicles came so rarely down these tracks—which were really little more than miles and miles of shared driveways—that people remembered them. A visit from a stranger to anyone on your side of the mountain was exciting. But, unfortunately, Ashie Pinto's place, even though it was four miles from the road, was the first place on this track. Mary Keeyani's outfit, where he was about to park now, occupied a little cluster of shacks with a shared hogan, out of sight more than a mile down the slope.

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