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By Seth G. Jones

This research explores the character of the insurgency in Afghanistan, the foremost demanding situations and successes of the crusade, and the features essential to salary potent counterinsurgency operations. It argues that winning counterinsurgency calls for powerful indigenous safety forces, in particular police; a attainable and bonafide neighborhood govt; and the suppression of exterior help for insurgents.

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They need a supply of recruits, and they may also need information and instruction in the practical details of waging an insurgency. The second type of external support is the freedom to use foreign territory as a sanctuary. This is sometimes made more tenable by the presence of a weak government where there is a sanctuary. 34 Insurgents have been successful approximately 43 percent of the time when they enjoyed a sanctuary. While success in counterinsurgency warfare ultimately hinges on the ability to work with the indigenous government and its security forces, there are often significant challenges in doing so.

The indigenous force should be the default force of choice. 38 Consequently, when the United States is involved in counterinsurgency warfare, the primary focus of its efforts should be to improve the performance and legitimacy of indigenous actors. This includes improving the quality of the police and other security forces, strengthening governance capacity, and undermining external support for insurgents. The rest of this study will further explore this argument. : Cornell University Press, 2004).

Military are likely to play an indirect role over the long run by providing resources to the Afghan government. It is unlikely 13 Kitson, Low Intensity Operations, p. 49. On counterinsurgency strategies, also see Colonel C. E. Callwell, Small Wars: Their Principles and Practice, 3rd ed. : University of Nebraska Press, 1996), pp. 34–42; Galula, Counterinsurgency Warfare, pp. 17–42. 14 Trinquier, Modern Warfare, p. 8; Galula, Counterinsurgency Warfare:, pp. 7–8. S. military intervention. As the solid line indicates, the long-term struggle is between the Afghan government and insurgent groups.

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