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By Michele Bardsley

The most recent paranormal romance within the nationwide bestselling damaged center sequence everyone makes mistakes-and my first one used to be named Connor, a middle- stealing Scottish hottie. i presumed our evening jointly was once the attractive starting to a love tale, which became out to be my moment mistake. I, Phoebe Allen, lifelong damaged middle resident and vampire, am now mated to a half-demon. fortunately Phoebe's four-year-old son Danny is correctly away at Disneyworld together with his human father. simply because Phoebe's correct in the course of significant paranormal drama, supporting Connor and his rag-tag staff of buddies retrieve a part of an historical talisman for you to beat back Connor's vicious stepmother, an uber-demon named Lilith. Phoebe swears she isn't really falling for any of Connor's demon allure. yet nonetheless, he is keen to do something to guard her and stop demons from storming into damaged middle. And her undead center cannot face up to a nasty boy with identification issues...

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I sidled a glance at Pith. The demon hadn’t moved from his position in the foyer, though his gaze was trying to drill holes through me. Connor brushed against me, offering strength as well as trying to better cover my movements. Two against the world, that was us. “Sorry, chérie,” said Nicor. ” He extended a hand toward me. ” A red beam shot out from Nicor’s palm. I threw my arms up, an automatic gesture of protection. The whole world went red. I squeezed my eyes shut, heard a sizzle-pop, then nothing.

Connor cupped my breasts, his thumbs sweeping across my nipples. Electric sensations pulsed. Lightning on flesh. Passion buried into muscle, wormed into bone. I felt overtaken by it, possessed. He licked around my areola with short, hot strokes until he finally pulled the peak into his mouth and sucked. Hard. I grabbed his shoulders, digging my nails into his flesh as he split his attention between my breasts. He tormented me until I wrenched free of his wicked mouth and pushed him down. I quaked.

I kissed his cock, my hair falling in a curtain. Connor fisted his hands, his breath erratic, his body tight, wound like a spring, ready to let go, to fly. His penis was warm, silky, and oh-baby hard. As the length slid between my lips, pleasure trembled in my belly. His taste filled my mouth, made my whole body burn. I moaned; the sound vibrated on his cock, made him gasp. He grabbed my shoulders and dragged me over his body. He was much stronger than I was, and I wasn’t afraid. I was emboldened.

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