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By Richard Byrne, Arthur S. Reber, Selma Lewis, E. J. Robinson, W. P. Robinson, B. Elan Dresher & Norbert Hornstein

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A) Single letters: First note that according to the grammar outlined in Figure 1 the five letters that make up the “vocabulary” of the language have the following positional restrictions: in initial position only P and T may occur, in the terminal position only S and V, X is strictly an internal symbol, in the second position all letters except P may occur, and in the next-to-last position all except S and T may occur. Table 4 shows the proportions of single letter placements for the two initial and the two terminal positions.

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3s) . . something different again: well, a different kind of meat we could perhaps give them, pork chops, that would be something they haven’t had yet . there are many nice ways of cooking pork chops .. (3s) . . perhaps we could, er .. (3s) . ,. and serve them with a nice, onion sauce .. that would go down very well . . and potatoes and . . one and two kinds of veg to go with that - perhaps a green veg, like .. brussels sprouts would go with that, very well .. (3s) . and the first course before that would, probably want to be soup, of a different kind again .

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