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By Dave L. Arneson, David J. Ritchie

Set amidst the burned salt apartments of the Valley of the Ancients, town of the Gods is an odd and lethal steel city whose robust guardians don't welcome intruders. but it's to this position of lethal risk that Blackmoor's leaders now ship a bold day trip - to cut price for relief within the coming wars - or to thieve the magic of the gods.

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If the PCs have already had encounters 5, 6, 7, or 8, read these results as a 1 instead. 1 Ebots (4):AC 0; HD 12*;hp 48 each; MV 90‘ (30’); #AT 1 needle? D 1-2 + paralysis; Save F10; ML 9; AL L; XP 1,900 each. T h e ebots identify the party as specimens suitable for capture and act accord in glv. 30 ALIEN DEVICES T h e alien technolog in this module includes many powerful devices that can be acquired and used by the PCs. While you, the DM, know that these items are simple tools or mechanical devices, residents of Blackmoor perceive them to be magic items and treat them accordingly, giving each a name that expresses its power En understandable terms.

Ebots (3): AC 0; HD 12 ; h p 48 each; MV 90‘ (30’); #AT 1 needier, D 1-2 + paralysis; Save FlO; ML 9; A L L; XP 1,900 each. The ebots identify the party as specimens suitable for capture and act accordingly. Basilisks (2): AC 4;HD 6 + 1**; hp 49 each; MV 6Q‘(20‘); #AT I bite/l gaze; D 1-10 + petrification; Save F6;ML 9;AL N;XP 950 emh. The basilisks burst from a thicket directIy into the path of the PCs. One basilisk is evidently chasing the other (out of anger or playfulness), and they pay no attention to the PCs unless attacked.

The long-nurtured anger of a gakarak will pervade the entire forest with an atmosphere of impending doom. Anyone except a druid who enters a gakarak's forest will feel uncornfortable, as though an unseen, hostile intelligence is watching. Gakkaraks can speak to and exercise limited control over plant life in an area of 360 yards radius, causing it to grow rapidly and even move. They use this ability to cause animal trails to become overgrown and tangled, making progress difficult for any intruders.

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