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By Helene Ensign Maw, K. G. Hamilton, G. G. E. Scudder, R. G. Foottit, G.G.E. Scudder

During this name, all species of Hemiptera (including 'Homoptera') recognized to happen in Canada and Alaska are indexed and distribution through significant political department is given. association is by means of taxonomic hierarchy with cross-references from alphabetic lists of genera and species. Annotations determine brought species and point out pest prestige. a short descriptive synopsis is incorporated for precept taxonomic teams and references to on hand identity courses (keys, revisions, handbooks), catalogues, and bibliographies are supplied for genera and better taxa.

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C. Baker P. pilosum Buckton P. populeum (Kaltenbach) P. populifoliae (Fitch) P. pseudopopuleum Palmer P. salicis (Linnaeus) P. sanguiceps Richards P. L. AK* AK - - NU - BC - BC* - BC* - BC AB SK MB - AB YK NT - BC AB SK MB - BC YK NT - BC AB SK MB ON* ON ON ON QC QC QC QC NB NB* NB* NB NB NB - NS* NS NS NF* - - black willow aphid; puceron du saule Family DREPANOSIPHIDAE Dre panos iphidae The majority of species feed on dicotyledonous trees and shrubs (usually on the foliage), but species in subfamily Saltusaphidinae are sedge feeders, Siphini feed on grasses, and included among the Phyllaphidinae are legume and bamboo feeders.

ON MB ON NB - NS - - - MB QC NB - - - - BC* AB* - - - - - Genus MUSCAPHIS Börner Key: Remaudière & Muñoz Viveros 1985. M. ) M. escherichi Börner M. musci Börner M. F. Smith & Knowlton Genus MYZAPHIS van der Goot M. canadensis Richards M. rosarum (Kaltenbach) - - - AK YK NT - [O] Genus MYZODIUM Börner Key: Smith & Robinson 1975. M. F. Smith & Robinson M. modestum (Hottes) - - - - BC BC - - - - - - BC AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NS NF - [A] - - - - BC* BC* - - [G] Genus MYZUS Passerini Key: Blackman 1987.

QC* NB* - NB* QC* NB* QC NB - NB* QC QC* NB* QC NB - [O] Genus MACROSIPHUM Passerini Key: Palmer 1952 [Rocky Mountain region (with various other genera included in Macrosiphum)], Robinson 1980 [North American species on ferns], Jensen 1998 [North American species with dark siphunculi]. (Subgenus MACROSIPHUM Passerini) M. adianti (Oestlund) M. F. Smith & Knowlton M. agrimoniellum (Cockerell) M. albifrons Essig M. audeni MacDougall M. bisensoriatum MacDougall M. californicum (Clarke) M. constrictum Patch M.

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