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By Paul Levinson

Even if the net takes us all over in our on-line world, it always calls for us to be seated in the back of a table. by contrast, the telephone shall we us stroll in the course of the international, absolutely hooked up. phone explores the historical past of mobility in media--from books to cameras to transistor radios to laptops--and examines the original effect of a tool that sits in a pocket or palm, and we could us communicate via voice or textual content. The limiting and releasing fringe of accessibility transforms eating places, public shipping, vehicles, romance, literacy, parent-child relationships, conflict, and certainly all walks of lifestyles, trivial and profound. Like an natural mobilephone that strikes, evolves, combines with different cells, and generates, the mobilephone has develop into a fancy sparkplug of human existence.

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No wonder, fleeting as they are, that most transactions on the Web are done in the safety of rooms, indoors in homes or offices. We seek, of course, the more reliable electric power and telephone connection of the room inside, as well as the ease of printing out documents and Web pages indoors. There has never been much of a market for outdoor, battery-operated printers, perhaps because one big cloudburst could ruin both the paper and the printer. All of these conditions translate into the contents of our screens being more secure, less likely to escape our perusal and enjoyment, when viewed indoors.

Indeed, walking down the street, or path, or anywhere and just talking to the person right next to you is the ultimate, original precedent. We are, like all animals, a species on the move. Also, like all animals, and for that matter all forms of life, we communicate. But unlike any other life that we know about, we speak, and yearn to speak to people not in our physical presence. Speech—abstract, symbolic language—is key in this. Unlike a drawing on a cave wall or a pictograph, the spoken word looks like nothing.

It is a need as old as the human species—the need to talk and walk, to communicate and move, at the same time. It is a need that even defines the human species, as an organism that makes symbolically meaningful sounds with voice boxes and tongues, and goes from place to place upright, on hind legs. In the next chapter, we begin our survey of the cellphone, its impact and its future, with a look at mobility and its history in human communication. This page intentionally left blank Chapter 2 Information on the Move We can look just about anywhere in history and find precedent for people walking down the street and talking on the phone.

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