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By Sarah Mayberry

He is every little thing she despises--a babe magnet with extra notches on his belt than a millipede has legs. And he thinks his coworker is wound so tightly she irons her undies at night.Two humans could not be additional apart.But whilst Jack Brook and Claire Marsden get caught in a sweltering elevator one afternoon, it is a diverse tale. by the point they're rescued, Jack and Claire have swapped confidences and oh, they have had the main marvelous intercourse in their lives!Back within the workplace they are nonetheless butting heads over tasks, yet now there is a heightened understanding additional to the combo. With this type of stress within the air, how can they face up to one other around of horny indulgence?

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Thought I recognized that picture," he said, stabbing a neatly manicured index finger at the photo accompanying his big article. It showed a snow-white, luxuriously appointed yacht bobbing on a brilliant azure sea. "Hell of a boat. Crew of fifteen just to run her. " She gritted her teeth. "Spent a full week on her. " "I wasn't aware you workednine to five," she couldn't resist saying. The man was always off on some Page 16 stupid assignment somewhere. He narrowed his eyes at her. "I was speaking metaphorically.

She was figuring out tonight's training regime when the elevator pinged to a halt just two floors up, and she raised preoccupied eyes and felt her lips instinctively disappearing. She deliberately avoided making eye contact with Jack Brook as he stepped in beside her, but it seemed he wasn't about to let her off so easily. "Good afternoon," he said cheerily, and there was no mistaking the smug self-satisfaction in his tone. She tried to manage an acknowledging smile and nod, but she was too busy feeling self-conscious after her lunchtime conversation with Katherine.

Whatever, it made her back go stiff whenever she caught sight of his dark head, it compelled her to press her full lips into a tight, ungenerous line at the mere sound of his voice, and it switched her clever tongue to take-no-prisoners mode. Not that it did her much good. Usually he'd just smirk at anything she said and throw some off-the-cuff smart comment her way—and damn him if nine times out of ten she wasn't left floundering and feeling stupid. Another excellent reason to avoid him as much as possible.

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