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That is, the relative roundo error in representing a real number in the range of a computer with a particular precision is no larger than epsilon in that precision. The machine epsilon and number of bits in binary (or equivalent digits in decimal) for representing the mantissa of a oating point number on a particular computer are given in the template class numeric limits< T> for a oating point type T . 2. These macros are better avoided. However, the C++ library may not be available on early (nonstandard) compilers.

3 Statements A program consists of a collection of statements. Each statement must end with a semicolon. The null statement is simply a semicolon, which is used when the syntax requires a statement but no action is desired. In this section, we deal with various statements: declarations, assignments, compound statements, conditional statements, iteration statements (loops), jump statements, and selection statements. Later we encounter return statements and function calls (see Chapter 3). 34 2. 1 Declarations and Initializations The declaration int n declares the variable n to be an integer and reserves for it sizeof (int) bytes of addressable memory, the content of which is in general unde ned.

An identi er in C++ is a sequence of letters, digits, and the underscore character . A letter or underscore must be the rst character of an identi er. Upper and lower case letters are treated as being distinct. Some identi ers are: double sum = 0 double product bool flag // identifier sum suggests a summation // identifier product suggests multiply // flag certain condition (true or false) int Count int count int this_unusually_long_identifier // different from Count // legal, but too long 20 1.

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