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By Robert F MacKinnon

Whereas firmly rooted in arithmetic, it is a publication that goals to be available to any bridge participant. It develops rules approximately chance and data conception and applies them to bridge. options similar to vacant areas, constrained selection and the way splits in a single swimsuit have an effect on the chances in different matches, are mentioned extensive.

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Cardano also spent many an hour throwing dice against the wall and puzzling over the results. He completed some notes on the matter in 1 563, but these were not published until l 663 under the tide De Ludo Aleae (On Dicing), a decade after the work of Pascal had raised interest in the subject of mathematically· based predictions of probable events. The cornerstones for the theory of probability as we know it today were in fact laid in 1 654. The essential building materials were seven letters exchanged by two great French mathematicians: Blaise Pascal, the son of a wealthy man who contracted for tax collections in the name of the King of France, and Pierre de Fermat, a jurist by trade, whose famous Last Theorem took four centuries to prove.

So the Chevalier's suspicions were aroused more by his short-term losses than by any long-term experience. In bridge, there are many 'correct' technical plays that are favored by fewer percentage points than this, so one can hardly imagine how many years one would have to play to master them all on the basis of experience alone. Clearly some theory is needed as an aid. Short-term experience may leave one none the wiser. Pascal's Triangle AU the ills that affect a man come from one sole cause , namely that he has not learned to sit quiedy and contendy in a room .

But we are getting ahead of ourselves. A nervous, introspective young man, Pascal fell into a depressed mental state after the death of his father in 1 65 1 . His doctor, somewhat of a pre· Freudian psychologist it seems, seeing no physical reason for Pascal's partially paralytic condition, suggested that squandering some of the inheritance on nights on the town might effect a cure. It was worth a try: Pascal loved staying up late and gambling till dawn, so that became the prescribed regimen. It worked wonders!

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