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This e-book is devoted to the joy of life.

...She lifted her palms gracefully over her head, and regarded down at her breasts.
“They are appealing, aren't they?” she stated. “I could be very target approximately myself. They're my most sensible characteristic fairly. yet I haven't stumbled on a brassiere but that actually does whatever for them.”

My mouth felt particularly scorching and dry, and that i attempted to moisten my lips.

“What I mean,” acknowledged Gloria, demonstrating, “is brassieres push you in—like this—and apart—like this.” She positioned the fingers of her arms on her breasts, pulling down them, and setting apart them.

“What i would like is anything that brings me in
—like this—and up—like this.” She confirmed me what she intended. “Someday I'm going to layout one how it will be. I've performed a bit experimenting.”

She appeared round the room. “If I simply had a few bicycle clips
—you recognize the sort you clip on lengthy trousers—I may well express you precisely. You don't have any bicycle clips with you, do you?”

I fast went via my wallet. “No, I'm sorry, I haven't.”

“If i will be able to layout an outstanding one,” stated Gloria, “it will be a normal tie-in for advertising. i would even shape my very own corporation. Make a capital earnings factor of it. a few identify like Gloria's Cups.”

I attempted to imagine Gloria in her cups...

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