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The WarbirdTech sequence is the 1st new, cutting edge examine army airplane to reach available to buy within the final fifteen years. person volumes during this sequence supply a first-ever «laymans technical» research and assessment of the worlds most enjoyable strive against plane. incorporated are images, drawings and excerpts from formerly «secret» and «restricted» technical manuals produced via the govt. and the plane brands. integrated are classic images of plane in the course of prototype and production phases, exploded perspectives, cutaways and phantom drawings shape tech manuals, disassembled airplane, infrequent variations and experimental versions and so on. precise emphasis is put on the original and ground-breaking layout and function features of every plane.

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This VFA-192 Hornet is seen during the opening days of Operation Desert Storm with four AGM-88 HARMs. S. Marine Corps squadrons and all Canadian Hornets. (LT Eric Meyer, USN via National Naval Aviation Museum) (Mk 82), 1,000 (Mk 83), and 2,000 (Mk 84) pounds. These can be equipped with conical fins or retarders (snake eyes). A special hardened target variant is also produced called the BLU-109. Dumb weapomy also include cluster munitions: CBU-59/B Rockeye; CBU-78/B Gator (antitank); and CBU-87B combined effect munitions (CEM).

Navy squadrons included: VFA-82 and VFA-86 (both FI A-18C) aboard USS America (CV 66); VFA151, VFA-192, and VFA-195 (all FI A-18A) aboard USS Midway (CV 41); VFA-15 and VFA-87 (both F 1A-18A) aboard USS Roosevelt (CVN-71); VFA-81 and VFA-83 (both F 1A-18A) aboard USS Saratoga (CV 62). Marine Corps Hornets included: VMFA-314, VMFA-333, and VMFA-451, all flying FI A-18As; VMFA-212, VFMA-232, and VMFA-235 all flew F 1A-18Cs; and VFMA(AW)-121 operated the F 1A-18D. Perhaps the Hornet's greatest moment occurred on 17 January 1991, when two F 1A-18s from USS Saratoga shot down two Iraqi MiG-21 fighters while the Hornets were en route to attack airfield H3 in western Iraq.

LGBs are a kit added to Mk 80 series bombs. Hornets typically carry three classes of LGBs: the GBU-12, based on the 500An excellent view of the AIM-7F and AIM-9L air-to-air missiles. The Hornet is an lb. Mk 82; GBU-16, based on the l,OOO-lb. Mk 83; and GBU-10, based FIA-18Afrom VFA-25 during 1984. (Rick Morgan) on the 2:000-lb. Mk 84. A special verreleased and carries one of three for Navy use and is to replace the sion, GBU-24, is 31so used for hardwarhead types. The Baseline JSOW Walleye. It will use a combination of ened targets, and is based on the (AGM-154A) carries 145 BLU-97AlB an IIR terminal seeker and AAW-9B 2,OOO-lb.

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