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By David H. Ahl

Blast from the earlier & the early days of pcs, this outsized softcover used to be simply recovered from hoarder husband's garage. it truly is close to superb: will be fresh, yet he made a few pencil notes at the "Super big name Trek" online game. Else, thoroughly fresh, fantastically white pages, shades shiny, NO fading, NO creasing. Binding powerful & instantly, NO writing, highlighting, or underlining except that pointed out above, now not ex-lib, no longer BCE. this can be the eleventh printing, in step with quantity line, of the 1st version from 1978. Please see our five images! Description copyright Gargoyle Books 2014. comparable Day delivery on all orders obtained by way of 2 pm (Noon Saturdays) Pacific time; else subsequent day (except Sundays & holidays). specific: order the significant other quantity (More simple desktop video games) whilst & send either for the cost of one!

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