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The meaning of the new American bases was apparent “from the most cursory glance at the map. In terms of land warfare, these are outposts, set 700 to 1,000 miles east of our own territory. S. defensive planning was coordinated by the Joint Planning Committee (JPC). On August 20, 1940, the JPC was directed to study the British possessions of Newfoundland, Bermuda, Bahamas, Jamaica, St. ”86 Specifically, the JPC was asked to recommend sites to be leased from the British government. Rainbow 4 was to frame this preliminary study in important respects.

46 A compromise was reached at the last moment that saw the ninety-nine-year leased bases in Newfoundland and Bermuda given as gifts to the United States and the bases in the Caribbean given in exchange for the destroyers. On September 2, Lord Lothian called on Cordell Hull’s apartment at seven o’clock in the evening where both men signed and exchanged notes regarding the destroyers-for-bases agreement. The president delivered his message to Congress the following morning. In his statement, Franklin D.

It was quickly decided that Newfoundland, Bermuda, and Trinidad would host major army, navy and air bases to defend the surrounding waters as well as to defend these strategic islands against possible attack. The other colonies would host smaller army garrisons, airfields, and navy seaplane bases. While Bermuda and Newfoundland “commanded” the air and sea approaches to the United States in the North and Central Atlantic respectively, Trinidad controlled access to the Southern Caribbean. 87 The smaller bases in Antigua, St.

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