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Reprint of the illustrated technological know-how fiction tale journal (in paperback form).COVER layout H. W. WESSOPainted in Water-Colors from a Scene in "The Tentacles from Below." WEREWOLVES OF conflict D. W. HALLThe tale of the "Torpedo Plan" and of Capt. Lance's Heroic half in America's final strong conflict with the United Slavs. THE TENTACLES FROM under ANTHONY GILMOREDown to large Ocean Depths is going Commander Keith Wells in His Blind Duel with the Marauding "Machine-Fish." (A whole Novelette.) THE BLACK LAMP CAPTAIN S. P. MEEKDr. poultry and His pal Carnes get to the bottom of one other legal internet of clinical secret. PHALANXES OF ATLANS F. V. W. MASONOnly in Dim Legends Did Mankind take into account Atlantis and the misplaced TribesUntil Victor Nelson's remarkable experience within the Unknown Arctic. (Beginning a Two-Part Novel.) THE PIRATE PLANET CHARLES W. DIFFINFrom Earth and Sub-Venus Converge a big Offensive of Justice at the Unspeakable Man-Things of Torg. (Conclusion.) THE READERS' nook ALL OF united states assembly position for Readers ofAstounding tales.

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For a moment the distance between the green and red lights remained constant—and then Keith Wells stared unbelievingly at the chart, wiped a hand across his eyes and stared again. " he exclaimed in amazement. " Hemmy Bowman added. " A call came through the communication tube from Sparks. " asked Keith, motioning Hemmy to listen in. Sparks read it. "'A week ago Atlantic City reported that seven men were snatched off fishing boat by unidentified tentacled monsters. " His level voice ceased. "Tentacled monsters ...

Their ship disappeared into the cavern. I've got a hunch, though, that it's not just a cavern, but a tunnel, leading through to some underwater world. That series of sub-sea earthquakes probably opened it up; and now these deviloctopi are free to pour out. " Keith and Robert Knapp were in the Falcon's chart room. On the table before them lay a broad white map with a cross-mark indicating the position of the mysterious dark cavern. Wells was striding up and down like a caged tiger in his impatience to be off.

A deliberate something crawled directly across one outstretched arm, and another across his legs. And above him loomed a monstrous, complicated shadow, which, after a moment, slowly melted from his line of vision. Panicky, he strove again to bring his limbs back to life, but still could not.... Keith knew that in the darkness which their huge unblinking eyes could penetrate they were inspecting the NX-1's interior, examining the men stretched on its deck, feeling them with their cold metal-scaled tentacles.

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