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By Cheryl Cabrera

Detect the thoughts and methods required to rig enticing CG personality versions with Maya during this detailed ebook and DVD package deal. the lovely colour photos express simply what you could in attaining, and the unique step by step tutorials convey precisely the best way to in attaining them. each method and tip is sponsored up with functional tutorials, utilizing the versions, scholar paintings and instructional resources at the better half DVD to supply a crash path during this important ability. With Cheryl Cabrera you are going to study about:Designing your first Biped personality; developing your first Biped personality - Modeling fundamentals, Biped personality Facial Expressions, Texturing fundamentals; Skeleton setup for a Biped personality Joint Placement; regulate Rig setup for a Biped personality - IK and FK; Wrapping up the setup; Skinning your personality * Use easy NURBS and polygon modeling in Maya for better flexibility on your workflow * Create regulate rig setups for a biped personality - either IK and FK * placed your new abilities to paintings with the versions and educational resources at the unfastened DVD!

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Short, fat characters are harder to set up and animate than tall and thin ones. Problems are encountered with shorter characters because of a limited 9 10 C h a p te r O n e range of motion, caused by their shorter limbs. If the character is plump or overweight, that decreases the range of motion as well. A shorter character will waddle in lieu of walking or striding. For them to walk, they must take shorter, quicker steps. The arms have limited range of motion as well. If the character has to reach the top of his head, he probably won’t be able to reach.

Because the head doesn’t deform outside of facial features, it appears to be a floating boulder. Large feet are generally not a problem if the character has long legs. However, if the character has short or fat legs, the ankle movement is limited when flexing and pointing the foot. Large hands can be a huge problem and quickly die if the animator leaves them in a single position for too many frames. Much attention is drawn to the hands because they serve a needed purpose, and we use them for so much of what we do, including expressing what we say.

E. In the Layer Editor of the Channel Box, click the “create a new layer” box. Double-click on the new layer (layer1) and rename this layer reference_layer, then click save. Shift select all of the planes you have made, RMB click and hold on top of the reference_layer and choose Add Selected Objects. To make the objects non-selectable, click two times in the empty box between the V (visibility) and the layer name. An R (reference) should appear. This keeps any objects assigned to a layer visible but not selectable.

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