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By Neil L. Larson, Steven D. Jorgensen, R. A. Farrar, Peter L. Larson

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Ornamenta­ tion consists of prominent umbilical and ventral shoulder tubercles on every rib. On adult forms, the ribs become more faint and generally display one or two row of tubercles. The ventral edge is slightly depressed on either side ofthe keel when it again forms a rounded ridge above the siphuncle. The genus and subgenus have been reported from France. Tunisia, Madagascar, New Jersey, and occasionally within the Western Interior of North America. il>hed by trituberculate ornamentation, low, broad ribbing, an evolute umbilicus, and an oval to subrectangular whorl ection.

Cirroceras conradi (Morton. 1 84 1 ) has been found in the Western Interior in the Baculites cwrearus Range Zone near Kremmling, Colorado. Thespecies i s listedas Didynwceras conradi by Cobban and Kenned} ( in a yet unpublished manu cript). e authors now believe the pecie�. mce ro the Gulf Coast pecimens. is better as igned to the genus Cirroceras. 7 em across Genus Didymoceras Hyatt. 1 89-l did)""'''s = double .... ceras = born The genu Didymoceras as described by Hyatt con i 1 of loose helical spires that have circular whorl ections.

Asi Cobban, 1 958a This species is described as an average-sized baculite with a low degree of taper, smooth flanks, a nearly smooth venter, and a very elliptical cross sec­ tion. Smaller specimens can be slightly curved and taper as much as 6°, whereas. the larger the specimen, the lower the angle of taper (as little as 1 '). The surure pattern is similar to but less complex than Baculites compressus. The pecies is common i n the Bearpaw and Pierre Shales of Montana. Saskatchewan, and Alberta, and i n the upper part of the Pierre Shale of Wyoming and Colorado.

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