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Military forces began to flow into the United States at the request of traitorous American politicians. S.? S. " The mass shut down of American military bases is a travesty. American leaders are insanely allowing the United Nations to take over these bases. This in turn allows the New World Order crazies to import Russian and other alien invading forces. These hostile, antiAmerican troops are then trained right here in America. And then they can readily strike from within when the orders are given!

Harry Belafonte organized this musical event and said it was part of a campaign to set up a world government run by the UN. Be sure to buy Belafonte records and tapes! 51 AMERICA IN PERIL 3. S. Ambassador to the UN, was a communist leader in Czechoslovakia! Why did not our Senators regard this as significant during her confirmation hearings? Something fishy? You bet! 4. Alger Hiss was a Soviet mole working in the State Department. This spy wrote most of the UN charter. Why, then, does anybody take the subversive State Department or the United Nations seriously?

They authorized an incredible holocaust in Waco, Texas, which took place in April 1993. Eighty-six Americans — including 24 children — were deliberately incinerated! This was a despicable case of corrupt, government sanctioned mass-murder. 3 million appropriation for BATF! Why? This is nothing less than an undisguised act of treason undertaken by undisguised traitors! How can these How FAR WILL THEY GO? congressional malignancies continually go unpunished for their treasonous activities? WHAT ABOUT CONGRESS AND FOREIGN AID?

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