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You will learn to develop and apply multiple faking techniques to confuse and befuddle your opponents, and to develop effective combinations to adapt to your own condition and to the situation in which you may find yourself. You will have to be comfortable enough with each technique that you will be able to improvise on the spur of the moment, even under the stress of attack. To accomplish this, you will have to practice each combination hundreds and hundreds of times, so that they will become as familiar to you in use as the Forward Punch.

The damage to the board occurs in the first 1/64 inch of contact. There are numerous other examples of fluids acting like rigid bodies on impact. When an airplane crashes at sea, the plane doesn’t simply sink. Rather, it smashes at the surface, as if it had hit a brick wall. Another example is the woodchuck your car hits at 60 mph. The hapless woodchuck dies from internal injuries. Most of the time, his skin isn’t even broken. But look at your car—four hundred dollars worth of damage to your bumper and your fender, all because the soft woodchuck didn’t have time to deform.

Then you will discover your own humanity and awaken beyond your “self” into an external existence in harmony with your own true spirit and the Universe of which it is a part. You will unleash your Ki, your vital spirit, and focus totally and exclusively at one target in one suspended instant. And someday that ability could save your life. 42 / Advancing in Tae Kwon Do B072x text layout part1 8/29/06 10:34 AM Page 43 43 / Meditation B072x text layout part1 8/29/06 10:34 AM Page 44 B072x text layout part1 8/29/06 10:34 AM Page 45 C HAPTER 5 Training for Various Hand and Foot Techniques B072x text layout part1 8/29/06 10:34 AM Page 46 YOUR HANDS AND FEET are the ultimate human weapons.

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