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By Jeffrey Richter

Assuming a data of 16-bit home windows programming, this booklet explains what's new and diversified approximately home windows NT and information what programmers want to know to take advantage of the function or mechanism of their courses. The booklet includes chapters on NT's strong memory-management method, matters in relation to multitasking and a piece explaining NT's another way opaque message-passing process with a strong piece of code known as "message crackers".

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However, it is possible to raise or lower the priority of an individual thread. A thread's priority is always relative to the pri ority class of the process that owns it. So it is impossible to have one thread running at idle priority and another thread running at normal priority if both threads are part of the same process. If your application requires this, you'll need to break the application into two processes and use inter process communication techniques to allow the two processes to converse.

The function returns VOID because it doesn't return at all. Any code following the call to ExitThread will never be executed. The third way a thread can die is by being murdered. This happens when a thread in the system Books: Advanced Windows NT (Richter) Page 33 Microsoft Development Library Gaining a Sense of One's Own Identity (c) 1992, 1993 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. calls TerminateThread: BOOL TerminateThread(HANDLE hThread, DWORD dwExitCode); The function ends the thread identified by the hThread parameter and sets its exit code to dwExitCode.

The inventors of the Library didn't consider the problems of using the C Runtime Library with multithreaded applications. Consider, for example, the standard C Runtime global variable errno . Some functions set this variable when an error occurs. TXT") == -1); if (fFailure) { switch (errno) { case E2BIG: // Argument list or environment too big. break; case ENOENT: break; // Command interpreter cannot be found. case ENOEXEC: break; // Command interpreter has bad format. case ENOMEM: break; } // Insufficient memory to run command.

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