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By Cary Nelson

Be aware of what academic freedom is? Or what it truly is come to intend? what is affirmative approximately affirmative motion nowadays? imagine you are up at the challenge of sexual harassment on campus? Or understand how a lot the collage is dependent upon part-time faculty?

Academic Keywords is a witty, expert, and occasionally cruel review of brand new campus, an more and more corporatized establishment which could have bitten off greater than its management is able to chunk. Cary Nelson and Steve Watt use the structure of a dictionary to provide tales and reflections on probably the most urgent concerns affecting greater schooling in the US. From the haphazard therapy of graduate scholars to the use and abuse of college (as good as abuses commited by way of faculty), Nelson and Watt current a compelling and, every now and then, enraging record at the country of the campus

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Accountability (\«kau˘ n t\«bil\dÚe ) No one raises the issue of faculty accountability because they are happy with the status quo. At the University of Washington a 1997 moral panic among legislators, reporters, and a conservative populace took as its starting point the scandalous revelation that a faculty member was seen mowing her lawn at ten o’clock on a weekday morning. Why wasn’t she in her office? Perhaps they heard that administrators at the Shreveport, Louisiana, campus of Southern University recently tried to mandate that faculty be in their offices from 9 to 5.

We will forego tenure in exchange for lower salaries, no sabbaticals, and heavier workloads. Most prospective faculty members will have less, not more, “choice” in Chait’s brave new world. But “choice” is not the only slogan he cynically adopts; elimination of tenure and academic freedom, he suggests, will also help promote “diversity” in work arrangements. Other foundations linked to corporations, including the Mellon Foundation, are also mounting or supporting assaults on tenure. Some have suggested we measure the strength or weakness of current tenure policy by the level of public trust it elicits!

Meanwhile, the NAS steadily attacks the national organization that seeks to protect academic freedom, the AAUP. As Thomas Haskell points out, whatever you think of feminism or multiculturalism, it is difficult to see how they fall outside the protections of academic freedom. The NAS effort to refashion academic freedom as a weapon to use against people they disagree with is clearly really an effort to do away with academic freedom, not reform it. Yearly or term contracts with very narrow and vulnerable definitions of academic freedom are one certainty.

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