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By Nathan Whitlock

Great, darkly comedian, and startlingly honest, this novel persist with the lives of a longer relations over one more and more determined week. Manda is a 38-year-old, tough, sarcastic lady who has but to make peace with town she used to be delivered to as after her mom and dad' messy divorce during this novel choked with barbed discussion and hilarious, deadpan descriptions of family members dynamics.

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The streetlights were already on when they left the restaurant. It was raining again, and cold. Manda offered Lana a ride home, but she declined when Manda told her they’d have to go all the way over to Marcus’s apartment to retrieve the truck. “I’d end up walking farther than if I just went straight home,” Lana said. She stood there for another minute as if waiting for Manda to offer her a piggyback. Manda was feeling good from all the food in her stomach – she needed Chinese buffet at least once a month, she decided – but within minutes of leaving Lana and the restaurant, her thoughts 35 a week of this were on the house, and her good mood just melted away.

I don’t believe I just said that, but it’s true. He’d want me at home with a hundred babies running around while he’s at the store. ” “Are you joking? He’s already like that half the time! ” Manda shook her head, clearly reconsidering. “Oh, I’m going to hell: Patrick’s not like that. ” Lana protested. ” 33 a week of this Manda had cleared her plate and was waiting impatiently for Lana to finish so they could go back again. It was frustrating to watch Lana pick at every little thing, then put the fork down as if resting between each bite.

Manda never showed any gratitude for it; she never thanked Marcus’s mom. She certainly never thanked Marcus for doing such a good job of getting used to the fact that, right in the middle of puberty, he had acquired a stepfather hiding out from his fucked-up ex-wife, a stepbrother who might well have been a zombie, and a stepsister who was angry and violent all the time. They weren’t the Brady Bunch, they were the fucking Addams Family. It looked cold out, so Marcus pulled thick, wool socks over his thin, white ones.

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