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By David V. Alford

A whole figuring out of the biology and existence histories of pest species is key for all these eager about crop construction and crop security. this significant new name presents entire insurance of significant insect and mite pest species, essentially in Northern Europe. Textbook of Agricultural Entomology is generally divided into elements. the 1st half covers the exterior and inner gains of the most important insect and mite pest households, whereas the second one half offers certain descriptions of significant pest species together with details on lifestyles heritage levels (vital details whilst contemplating keep an eye on equipment) and the plants which those species assault.

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A Textbook of Agricultural Entomology

An entire knowing of the biology and lifestyles histories of pest species is essential for all these all for crop creation and crop defense. this crucial new name presents entire insurance of significant insect and mite pest species, basically in Northern Europe. Textbook of Agricultural Entomology is commonly divided into components.

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EXAMPLE: Atomaria linearis (pygmy mangold beetle). 16. Family BYTURIDAE (p. 136) A small group of small, hairy, phytophagous beetles; antennae distinctly clubbed; tarsal formula 5-5-5, the tarsal claws distinctly toothed (Fig. 68). Larvae cylindrical, with well-developed thoracic legs; anal segment with a ventral pseudopod and a pair of dorsal processes (Fig. 69). EXAMPLE: Byturus tomentosus (raspberry beetle). 17. Family COCCINELLIDAE (ladybirds) (p. 137) Small to medium-sized, usually convex, hemispherical to oval beetles; head retracted into the pronotum; eyes large; antennae terminating in a 3-segmented club; mandibles bidentate apically (Fig.

Order THYSANOPTERA (Thrips) 29 ORDER THYSANOPTERA (THRIPS) Minute or small, slender-bodied insects with a distinct head, a well-developed prothorax and a long, narrow, 11-segmented abdomen (the first segment greatly reduced and the last modified in association with the external genitalia); cerci absent; wings, when present, very narrow, membranous and strap-like, with few or no veins and marginal fringes of long setae; antennae short, 6to 10-segmented; tarsi 1- or 2-segmented, each with a protrusible terminal vesicle (the arolium).

Larvae fleshy but tough skinned (commonly called 'leatherjackets'); head deeply retracted and inconspicuous (Fig. 82); posterior end of body with often prominent papillae (Fig. 82a); soil-inhabiting. EXAMPLES: Nephrotoma appendiculata (spotted crane fly), Tipula oleracea and T. paludosa (common crane flies). Fig. 80 Dorsal view of the thorax of a crane fly family Tipulidae. Fig. 79 A bark beetle, Scolytus mali - family Scolytidae (x15). Fig. 81 Wing venation of a crane fly - family Tipulidae. Order DIPTERA (True Flies) 2.

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