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By Virginia Matheson Hooker

In education for a visit to Malaysia, this helped me comprehend the background and present outlook and matters. probably not a enjoyable learn, however it looks well-written and necessary to realizing the rustic. yet i am not a professional.

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58587 History Malaysia F2 8/27/03 5:54 PM Page 17 Peopling Malaysia sea has provided communication, high protein food, opportunities for raiding (piracy) and marine products suitable for trade and exchange. In fact, it has been recently established that the seas of the Sunda shelf are the ‘single primary centre of world diversity’ for marine fauna. This is partly because these seas contain two ecosystems unique to the tropics––coral reefs and mangrove systems. Some groups of people spent their whole lives either living on the sea in boats or living above it in stilted dwellings, such as still exist in parts of southeast Sabah and Bandar Seri Begawan, capital of Brunei.

This very large language family is thought to have originated in Taiwan but its speakers spread south through the Philippines, Borneo and Sulawesi and then branched south and west into Java, Sumatra and the Indian Ocean. Others spread further east into Oceania. 2 Researchers are agreed that although the details of the Austronesian movements cannot be known with certainty, they were very complex. Based on linguistic reconstructions, for example, scholars postulate that some Austronesian groups settled in southwestern Borneo before others settled in Sumatra, while, later in time, other Austronesians sailed from Sumatra to coastal areas of Borneo.

Fourth, the displays depicting the rise of nationalism emphasise that the history of nationalism in Malaysia extends back beyond the 20th century and has its roots in the Portuguese conquest of Melaka which stimulated Malays to want to regain their independence. The subtle sub-text associated with this theme is that sultans are not always reliable or capable rulers. The need for a national history In 1969, violent riots broke out in Kuala Lumpur, an event not recorded in the Museum of National History.

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