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By Walter Perry, Bruce Pirnie, John Gordon, Louis Moore, Robert Howe

This file analyzes the military Transformation Wargame 2000 and its implications for the method of a military in 2015.

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25–28. , General (USA), “The Army Transformation: A Historic Opportunity,” Army, Vol. 50, No. 10, October 2000a, pp. 21–30. S. S. Senate, Second Session, 106th Congress, March 8, 2000b. S. Army Training and Doctrine Command. S. S. mil/2010. S. , 1994. S. , 2000a. S. , 2000b. S. , 2000c. S. , 2000d. S. , 2000e. S. , 2000f. S. , 2000g. S. , 2000h. ” Armed Forces Journal International, May 2000, pp. 30–33.

29 ACTIVE/RESERVE COMPONENT INTEGRATION: RESERVE COMPONENT READINESS What changes in law and policy are necessary to enable the full integration of Active and Reserve components by 2015? To keep pace with the Objective Force, National Guard units must be more readily deployable than they currently are. Active Component and Reserve Component integration is likely to become an increasingly important issue in coming years. ATWG 2000 postulated that in 2015, National Guard divisions would be ready for deployment after 75 days of mobilization and training.

2001). This approach would link TRADOC-sponsored activities hierarchically in a three-step process. The first step is to clearly articulate the long-term objectives of the ATWG process. Part of this process is to clearly articulate the goals for the Objective Force: what it is to accomplish, its role in joint and combined operations, and its varied role throughout the spectrum of conflict. A clear statement of these objectives and an understanding of the role of the ATWG process in achieving them is central to a systematic examination of the Army vision.

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