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64). 11 Range of Character Values Datatype Width (bits) Minimum Unicode value Maximum Unicode value char 16 0x0 0xffff The char datatype encompasses all the 65536 (216) characters in the Unicode character set as 16-bit values. The first 128 characters of the Unicode set are the same as the 128 characters of the 7-bit ASCII character set, and the first 256 characters of the Unicode set correspond to the 256 characters of the 8-bit ISO Latin-1 character set. 4 on page 570 for a discussion on character encodings.

12 shows the range of values for positive floating-point numbers, but these apply equally to negative floating-point numbers with the '-' sign as prefix. 0. Since the size for representation is finite, certain floating-point numbers can only be represented as approximations. 13 Boolean Values Datatype Width True value/literal False value/literal boolean not applicable true false The boolean datatype is used to represent logical values that can be either the literal true or the literal false. 10), and are primarily used to govern the flow of control during program execution.

7, note that digits (1 to 9), upper-case letters (A to Z) and lower-case letters (a to z) have contiguous Unicode values. 8. 9. These escape sequences can be single-quoted to define character literals. For example, the character literals '\t' and '\u0009' are equivalent. 9 Escape Sequences Escape Sequence Unicode Value Character \b \u0008 Backspace \t \u0009 Horizontal tabulation \n \u000a Linefeed \f \u000c Form feed \r \u000d Carriage return \' \u0027 Apostrophe-quote \" \u0022 Quotation mark \\ \u005c Backslash String Literals A string literal is a sequence of characters, which must be quoted in quotation marks and which must occur on a single line.

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