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By Sean Michael

Matthew is taking a holiday ahead of going to school, operating at a restaurant in Seattle. he is waiting for to spend a couple of months assembly humans, having enjoyable and customarily dwelling it up prior to hitting the books. Then he meets Drakon, a passionate, masculine guy with an animal magnetism that attracts Matthew in. while Drakon bargains Matt a role, he thinks the guy is filled with shit. however it quickly seems to be a proposal he cannot refuse. As Matthew strikes in with Drakon on his kingdom property, he slowly unearths himself bring to a halt from the area. He starts off to wonder whether that animal magnetism is extra literal than figurative and he thinks might be Dragon will be a greater identify for his new lover. His in simple terms buddy looks Drakon's butler, Wetthers, an previous guy with a gradual demeanor and a sympathetic ear. yet even Wetthers cannot retailer him from the near-obsessive desire he has for Drakon, or from the chance that lurks correct at the fringe of his new lifestyles. quickly, Matt starts to wonder whether he will ever have the need to inform Drakon no. approximately whatever. Will Matthew stick with the fellow he is becoming to like as soon as he discovers Drakon's long-lived, rigorously guarded mystery?

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Matthew cleared his throat, shook his head. "Don't look at them. " There was a big crack running all the way down his brain. Huge. If he stopped to think now, he would break in two. " D righted his bike and helped him put the bags into the basket. "Come home, Matthew. You're cold. " He was cold. Freezing. His hands were shaking so violently he couldn't hold the bike straight, couldn't steer. " D took the bike from him and steered it into the garage, one arm around his shoulders, bringing him along.

He bit his way down Matthew's body, licking and tasting and taking what was his. His Pet was hot, hard, clear liquid sliding along the thin stomach. He lapped it all up, took the source into his mouth, sucking hard; Matthew tasted sharp and sweet and salty all at once. Thin hips started jerking towards his mouth, pushing quick and hard, Matt's cock throbbing and hot. He sucked a moment longer and then lightly bit his way down the hot flesh, threatening the drawn up balls with the same treatment.

Matthew whimpered, eyes closing. He was going to die right here. Sleep forever on this couch. D picked him up. Or, he could die in the strong arms, that would work, too. *** Well, that had been close. He really liked Matthew, and it would have been a shame to have to eat the boy. Now he just had to worry about the mother. He curled up around his Pet, nuzzling as Matthew made I'm awake and getting up noises. " he asked. " Bleary yellow-green eyes focused on him, blinking slowly. "Well, what else would I tell them?

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