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The Muay Thai kickboxers who fought Tom called this his “Voodoo Defense”, because they were unable to get by it. The bottom-line “skill” you must learn in any altercation is that you must start the action, and never rely on being “reactive”, responding only to actual physical assault. Know your boundaries, and when they are violated and you are forced into action, ACT. If you are “jumped” or attacked from behind, get off-line as quickly as you can and disable your attacker. Never willingly allow yourself to be struck.

The choke hold is dangerous, and if you do not release him when he passes out, you can kill him. This is not about killing – I am not a killer, and I don’t believe you are, either. This is about selfdefense and survival when all other options are gone. If you are attacked by a larger, meaner, and more skilled opponent, and you cannot run away, you must be prepared to put him down to save your own life in the fastest way possible, regardless of the threat to his health. In the choke hold (Figure F), you cut off the blood supply to the head via the carotid artery.

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