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In most cases, the request is tested using a file, and the response is based on another file. • If you must implement logic in the Mock URL layer, make sure that it’s extremely well tested and stable, as that implementation will serve as a reference for how the contract between the client and server functions. • The client-side tests that test the contract represent an implementation of how to use the contract and are used to verify the correctness of the server-side implementation. • You develop the client-side contract tests and Mock URL layer together using testdriven development techniques.

Qxd 11/17/06 10:31 AM Page 33 CHAPTER 1 ■ GETTING STARTED you could implement it within seconds. However, there are more complicated cases, so you shouldn’t be tempted to provide a solution. The focus of the Mock URL layer is to provide correct requests and responses for specific tests. By implementing logic, you’re setting yourself up for an error because the logic needs to be tested. Let’s put it this way: Imagine implementing the trivial addition of two numbers. How do you know that your implementation will work properly?

When writing Ajax and REST code, use the following rule of thumb: use asynchronous requests for applications, and use synchronous requests for testing. Getting back to the example function testPrototype, each test function must indicate whether or not the test was successful. This is required because when the test manager runs all tests, the next test will run only when the current test was successful. success is called. Calling the method failed indicates a failure, and the method waiting indicates that the test involves multiple steps and needs to wait for an answer before determining success or failure.

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