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By Meinhaj Hussain

This booklet represents a piece within the highbrow foundation of an Islamic nation this present day. comprises rules on a political and monetary types in addition to discussions on an army procedure for the sort of nation. The ebook additionally discusses the simplest place for the sort of country this day and operational info together with how most sensible to result in this type of country and her basic international coverage. The publication is a creation of, a Muslim/Islamic imagine tank.** [C:\Users\Microsoft\Documents\Calibre Library]

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But what has been the adverse side effects of this? For when you change the variables in any equation, the changes can have wide ranging effects on the results. The first impact has been a fixation on sex, prizing it as one of the central concepts in society. The laws of SEXUALITY 37 Economics dictate that when supply is restricted demand does not go down but the value society attaches to the element increases. In addition to this unnatural and artificial imposition of law, society bombards these young adults with all forms of obscenities and shamelessness.

It will be tied in with the educational system of the country and have a meritocratic basis on the level of Islamic education one has. Thus, for instance and in relation to the legal system, a citizen who has taken Islam as a subject at the high school level may receive one vote, a citizen having done the same at a college level may receive 5 votes, and a citizen that has studied Islam at the graduate level may receive 10 votes these votes will go to electing the Legal institution of the country.

Should sex then be held to a different standard? There is no reason to believe so. When a horse, a camel, a dog or cattle comes of age, they are not restricted by man-made laws on when and if they can copulate. Man should not impose upon himself artificial standards of when his kind can come of age. These rules are set by Allah, and relate to the natural biological process of menstrual cycles for women, and the awareness of sex for men. This was no different than what was practiced before industrialization took place.

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